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  • Re: Videoblocks/Storyblocks Refunding clips sales immediately after sale
    Me too. 199 dollar sale, that got a refund a few hours later.

    Why don´t they have a system that checks their sales first before issuing the sales notice?

    i don´t mind waiting 24 hours, instead of getting excited and spending the money...
  • Re: Peer-to-peer direct stock selling platform
    Why do you want to use your fancy tech project on us?

    you can easily build a plattform for people selling used cars, or kitchen appliances or books or music? or real estate? renting real estate? Car sharing service?

    selling modern energy rights? Digita...
  • Re: Removing images conseqences ?
    What do you think about probability that inspectors at the moment of file approving give them score or weight or value or whatever that influences the file search process?
    May be according to some rules or may be according to their taste.